Training workshop in science communication

Organisateur :

Date prévue : 17-19 Juin
Date définitive : 2010-06-17

Organisateurs : Steve Miller (U.K.) & Thierry Fouchet (LESIA)

More and more, research scientists are being asked to engage with their fellow citizens, to explain their work and to be involved in dialogue about the practical, political and ethical issues that surround it. The Europlanet planetary science network is funded by the European Commission under Framework 7 to bring European planetary scientists together, for cooperation and joint projects, and so that they can compete effectively in a milieu that is dominated by the United States. Europlanet has a very strong commitment to outreach activities, and to empowering its members to be involved with such activities. The proposed meeting would be a workshop designed to provide planetary scientists with the skills they need to communicate to the general public through the mass media, the web and other possible avenues. The workshop will be delivered by the ESConet (European Science Communication) Trainers network, which is made up of leading science communication academics and media professionals, and which is contracted by the European Commission to train its scientists in how to deal with the media and the general public.