First EURONEAR workshop

Organisateur :

Date prévue : 17-18 April 2012
Date définitive : 2012-04-17


Organisateurs :

Ovidiu Vaduvescu (Isaac Newton Group, Canarias Islands),

Mirel Birlan (IMCCE),

Jean Souchay (SYRTE)

The European Near Earth Asteroid Research (EURONEAR) is a project which

envisions to establish a coordinated network to study NEAs using existing

telescopes and hopefully some future dedicated infrastructure. Currently,

EURONEAR includes 16 nodes representing more than 50 astronomers from 10

european countries. Dedicated webpage containing information and astronomical

on-line tools could be found at

EURONEAR deals with sevreal research objectives:

- improving the orbital properties of the known NEA population and

increasing the knowledge on the NEA population completeness

- increasing the knowledge about the physical properties of NEAs using

several techniques namely photometry, low-resolution spectroscopy and


- data mining and archive exploitation for precovery of NEAs.

During our workshop we propose to discuss the synergies between EURONEAR

and similar initiatives of researchers over the World. During the workshop

synergies between EURONEAR and European space programs such are GAIA and

Marco Polo-R, as well as the active participation of the network to the Space

Situational Awareness program will be addressed.